Stephan Vorster is a contemporary photographer from South Africa with a history of shooting diverse genres including commercial, travel, architecture, portraiture and wildlife. Stephan has always been drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of nature. His early years were spent exploring the immense landscapes of Namibia, particularly the Namib Desert, world renowned for its diverse beauty and as a landscape photographer’s paradise.

At a young age Stephan’s father, also an avid photographer, handed him his first film camera - a Kodak Retina 35mm, which more than just kindled his interest in photography. His years shooting film in Namibia was a great introduction to photography but after changing to digital in 2005 Stephan really immersed himself and mastered digital processing and fine-art large-format printing.

Stephan’s keen interest in computers led him to study Physics and Computer Science at university, which was followed by a career in the Information Technology industry. He smiles as he notes that after his strong technical focus on computer science he can now finally enjoy just using a computer to process photographs.

Stephan has a unique shooting style – meticulous and deliberate, producing photographs with rich visual appeal and mood. During post-processing Stephan masterly applies both his creative and technical skills to create impactful fine-art images – a process he enjoys tremendously as he sees the final image emerge and made ready for printing.

With camera in hand, Stephan's passion for making photographs is inspiring to those accompanying him on excursions. Although he enjoys solitude, he does share his passion, together with his years of experience and ability to translate his knowledge into practical guidance, through exclusive private tours.

Stephan, together with his wife Tania, loves travelling and exploring. Apart from short-term travels, they have lived for extended periods in three different countries. One such period was their time in Israel where they resided for four years in Jerusalem and where Stephan had the opportunity to extensively photograph Israel's landscapes, including the desert areas, coastal stretches, the Jordan Valley, historical places and buildings, also it's people and amazing city life.

His images are published both online and in print and are also used commercially by a variety of clients. Although some of Stephan’s early images have appeared in photo stock galleries, these have been re-claimed. His work is available through direct licensing by Stephan Vorster Photography and in print from chosen galleries. From 2017 selected photographs are available in limited edition prints and will be published accordingly.